Training Providers

To become a CREST Approved Training Provider, the process is as follows:

•  Company expresses interest in becoming a CREST Approved Training Provider
•  They sign a mutual NDA
•  The training provider is given access to the CREST membership portal and completes the company documentation and submits their application
•  CREST reviews the application and provides feedback where necessary
•  Training Provider becomes CREST Approved for three years
•  Once approved, the Training Provider can submit training course modules for approval.  These must be signed off by a CREST qualified individual  holding a current CREST qualification at the level that the training is aimed at, or above
•  CREST reviews the module submissions against the appropriate CREST examination syllabus and provides feedback if required
•  The module(s) are approved by CREST.
•  The training provider and their modules are promoted on the CREST website and via CREST’s social media channels.

Prospective candidates can then select the courses that most closely match their particular development needs.

Approved Training Providers’ membership must be renewed on an annual basis, with a full application re-submitted every three years.  The annual renewal is a simplified company questionnaire with confirmation that information previously supplied has not changed.

Should an exam syllabus be changed or updated by CREST, all training providers will be informed. This will include any pre-requisites that may be determined.

Should the accredited modules be for one of the changed or updated exam syllabus areas, Providers will need to re-submit updated training modules by their next annual membership renewal in order for it to remain as an accredited module on the CREST website.

Should you wish to apply to become an Approved Training Provider, please contact [email protected]