Certification Equivalency Recognition Programmes

CREST has entered formal Agreements with Offensive Security and EC-Council to recognise equivalent qualifications against CREST certifications.

Provided that a candidate holds a current CREST qualification and can provide evidence of either their OSCP/OSCE qualification or their EC-Council ECSA (Practical) qualification either of which must have been issued within the three years prior to application, CREST will grant equivalency for a maximum period of three years. Criteria apply to each of these recognition schemes, the details of which can be found below.

Candidates that have been awarded eligible Offensive Security or EC-Council qualifications more than three (3) years ago will not be eligible for equivalency recognition.

Candidates seeking equivalency recognition under any equivalency program will be required to adhere to the CREST Code of Ethics available here: https://crest-approved.org/about-crest/international-governance-structure/index.html

Individuals seeking the more specialized CREST Certified Tester qualifications (CCT) must apply in the normal way. Please see How to Book Your Examination.

Data Sharing
By applying to CREST for equivalency, candidates authorise CREST and its equivalency program Partner to share information about their training and exam history.

Individuals that are eligible for CRT through an equivalency program will be excluded from CREST’s submission to the NCSC as part of the UK Government’s CHECK scheme. Candidates operating in the UK that wish to achieve CHECK Team Member status will be required to pass a CREST Registered Penetration Tester exam directly with CREST in line with UK Government requirements.

Further Information
Booking your Pearson Vue examination – https://www.pearsonvue.co.uk/crest

Booking your CREST examination – https://crest-approved.org/how-to-book-your-examination/index.html

CREST Examination FAQs – https://crest-approved.org/professional-qualifications/examination-faqs/index.html

The criteria for equivalency recognition with Offensive Security changed with effect from 1 June 2019 and the revised criteria outlined applies.